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    Splashtown img 1

    In my experience the worst nail salon I have visited in Wolfsburg. The staff was friendly, but the two ladies are definitely not trained in nail modeling. The nails are crooked and crooked, do not have a uniform structure, filamentous side walls and you don't even need to talk about the design. In addition, the arrows are not exchanged and work surfaces are not disinfected or cleaned. The lady who made the nails for me worked very roughly so that my nail bed was bleeding and there were no steps such as removing the cuticle. Hygiene was also written in lower case there, one employee did not even wear gloves. All in all a disappointment (The nails in the photo are mine and a friend's

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    Pia Oster img 1

    Nicht weiter zu empfehlen!!! Hygiene schlecht(ohne Handschuhe, ohne Desinfektionsmittel,rennt von einer Kundin zur ander n),ergebniss schrecklich (Finger sind klumpig und gehen schnelle ab) Tut euch das nicht an!

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    Antje Schwarzrock img 5

    Perfekt Sehr zufrieden

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    Michaela Heiser img 5

    I've been going since years in this nail salon and I can only recommend it ????

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    Dean Majerowski img 4

    For women ... a good shop.