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    Marc-Sven Kirsch img 5

    great service, quick and easy. Well run salon. Can only be recommended, gladly again and again. ????????????

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    Kurdi Kh img 5

    I've been there as a customer for a year and have always been enthusiastic about the work of my colleagues there. Super friendly and attentive. They always do their best and just want to see happy customers. Personally, I can speak of my experiences and clearly recommend them.

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    Gisela Speh img 1

    Can only shake his head. Why is the big question. ??? Had an appointment on Monday at 5.30pm. Arrived at the store after the test and was told I didn't have an appointment. Appointment was confirmed on Sunday. You can't earn money like that, the way was in vain, only expenses, but that doesn't matter. I hope the bankruptcy continues. Mfg for the further life.

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    Daniel Liberte img 2

    Incredible, an extra appointment was made and after a delay of 20 minutes, still not there! Two women at the bar had holes in their stomachs. No wonder this company had to file for bankruptcy! Still gave it 2 stars.

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    Michelle Goda img 5

    So all these 1-star ratings are incomprehensible from my experience ... I've been looking for a reliable hairdresser to whom I can entrust my hair for a long time and I've finally found him. I am super satisfied with the result every time. The staff are very friendly and open, so that you feel that you are in good hands there. Nada in particular is very self-confident about what she's doing and has a lot of idea what is reflected in the results. The prices are also completely reasonable in my opinion. I would always come here, so I can only warmly recommend it.