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CrossFit Vitnir



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    Markus Wilhelms img 5

    Suoer CrossFit Box in Wolfsburg. A large hall, equipped with the best equipment. The community is slowly growing together there and you are really involved. The courses are great and you also feel comfortable as an external person.

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    Nadja img 5

    If you feel like doing strength and endurance training in a short time is right here. In a small group with a competent trainer, I like to train here.

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    Christoph Bernig img 5

    Always a pleasure! Great box, great equipment and excellent coach!

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    Kerstin Ristau img 5

    Crossfit Vitnir offers so much more than just a fantastic range of training. The courses are professional, lively, structured and adapted to the personal fitness level. All movements are explained perfectly. Crossfit brings me every time to my limit and has made me so much stronger in my everyday life, that the "small dead", as I call him, is indispensable for me! Thank you Crossfit Vitnir, never again without you !!!

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    André Ristau img 5

    Thanks for the great test training, it has awakened my ambition