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    Renè H img 5

    Super ????

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    Misanthrop 82 img 1

    Hi, I drive past your gym pretty much every day, and now I have a pretty straightforward and serious question. Since I have long struggled with myself to write it publicly, but I think that there is simply the same right for everyone, regardless of whether they are competitive athletes or hobby athletes or employees trainers who have the key. How can it be that in times of Corona and closings of the gyms or other facilities I see every day how you are training up in the power break ??? It is worrying for me with what arrogance you work here and especially against the system! Just drove past it again at 11.00 and saw 3 light heavyweights while training .... I find it impossible and I am seriously considering reporting you to the police and the health department! I am an athlete myself and just think it's brazen !!!! Do you have a special status or do you just ignore it, or maybe the owner doesn't even know ... 2 of them were waiting outside in the parking lot with their bags. Update: I do not think that it is correct that there is training among friends during this time. What you could see from the street for several minutes was definitely no maintenance of the devices or anything else! And it is a bang for every paying member of you who are not allowed to train! And you complain at the highest level about not terminating the contracts because otherwise the gyms would have to close! Then reveal what was done there? I have photos of 3 different days with dumbbells in hand and assistance from the exerciser without Distance and mask and I don't think you liked that I publish them here! Sorry but you're not only selling me for stupid here, but also all of your paying customers are trampled on and sold for stupid!

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    dilek chafik img 1

    Letters of dismissal are ignored, even though it came out in the mail. Incorrect information is given out by the administration, after which after confronting it it is confirmed that the termination has been received. Nevertheless, money is still debited, but the many recall dates are not met. Cancellation has not yet been processed! The answering machine is constantly answering. Times where you can reach the office are not given. When someone picks up the phone, they are lying. It's like the post is to blame, it's up to Corona and we sent the confirmation by email, I'll call you tomorrow. Everything was wrong! People be careful that signing up is so quick, but signing out is not! Instead, money will still be deducted for services that are not performed!

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    Florian Hoffmann img 5

    Nice place to go after his training ????????

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    Dieter Schrader img 5

    I do not know what others have to say about this studio. The price is cheaper than in most other studios. The equipment is in a great condition The staff is mostly friendly, although not all that is true. Sauna is great and courses are great. All this for the price is honest Optimal.