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    Paganini ABC img 2

    Nobody can be reached by phone or there is a waiting loop of 10 minutes (must be at the home office;) After registering for an apartment for rent, finally email contact. After 3 suggestions, the answer came that you no longer have an adequate rental apartment for my request. Period. Neuland knew my name and contact details when I called from the mobile number I gave in the rental application (CRM). I do not hope that this will not even be answered by tenants (who you do not want to speak to at the moment);)

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    Susanne Windt img 4

    Neuland Woh . Susanne Windt Aachenerstr. 2. m

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    abdurrahim Yurtgül img 5

    Compliments to Mrs. Otto. Very friendly, reliable, professional and very competent. Thank you for the good support and advice.

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    Null Komma nix img 1

    Since we do not have a residence permit, we are not entitled to an apartment. And you are always put off, even though you have a basic rent of 850 euros. They're snappy too. Sad. Ps: registered for years

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    Adriana S. img 1

    Caretaker not happy, if I wanted to take the elevator to the bus, I had to go to work and asked the caretaker whether I could take the elevator and his answer was no because of corona19, I didn't ask with a mask either, he said no, but he has no mouth protective mask on, I think it's cheeky.