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Ostfalia Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften: Hörsaalgebäude, Studierenden-Servicebüro, Rechenz



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    Big college with lots of buildings. The advantage of the most used buildings is that they are very close to the main station, so that the library and buildings C and D can be reached on foot very quickly. A very big disadvantage, there are no parking spaces for students.

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    Lukas Ruske img 2

    Unfortunately, the distribution of the rooms and the planning in this university is not fully developed. Sometimes it seems as if there is no planning, since even the lecturers know nothing. Furthermore, there is no structure or a recognizable overall appearance of this location!

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    All right, the campus is spread throughout the city

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    Камиль Загидуллин img 5

    Great university. Very closely cooperates with the Volkswagen plant. Many teachers are factory employees, either current or former.

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    Uwe Müller img 5

    There are two Ostfalia universities in Wolfsburg. Robert-Koch-Platz 8A (old building) and Kleiststraße 26 (new building)