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    Didi img 1

    Eyes + more is not recommended because the employees are not able to measure the correct prescription, the lenses are of poor quality, paid a lot of money for 2 glasses that are unusable, never again easy + more :-(

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    Nicole Trier img 1

    Business promises a lot, but it was a disaster in this store. Distance or a little space without the breath of the other on the neck, hardly possible. HYGIENE, sorry this shop doesn't know. Bad service. Doesn't speak for the company. Fortunately, there are more opticians to choose from who understand their craft and can also deliver quality. And where I don't feel pressured and can still breathe.

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    Marie M img 1

    Unfriendly employees who do not feel like advising anyone at all. The cast does not seem to be in the customer's interest. Not really recommended. Buying glasses requires advice but the price may not be expected.

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    Ute Wind img 5

    Super advice and price performance ratio, I've got 3 glasses for 222 € read-Fern- and sunglasses.Habe despite prisms all 3 for 222 ¬ got.Habe then found that the sunglasses frame is not my taste.Bin there and that said I could choose another frame immediately and pick it up within 1 day. I will always get my glasses in Wolfsburg now. Thank you dear Eyes + more team.

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    Nullacht 15 img 1

    Worst advice I have ever experienced. The eye test was a disaster. I never go back to this tiny shop where I'm claustrophobic. Not recommendable!