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    Niels Krieghoff img 5

    Had a wonderful afternoon there with our small kids. Plenty of activities and museums for everyone to enjoy! In particular, the slides are fantastic and the electric boat rides.

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    Luke Kim img 4

    This is a nice place for children and family. There are nice playgrounds and restaurants. You can see diverse cars including old vehicles. However, there are not cars as many as the number of auto brands. For example, there are a few cars in each auto exhibition such as Audi, Porsche, and WV. If you want to see a variety of these days cars, you might be disappointed.

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    Aum patel img 5

    Very enjoyable place! I could spend a week before getting bored here. It's an optimal place for children and people who are interested in green energy, cars and how things world in general. Highly recommended

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    Jean GT img 5

    If you love architecture, landscapes, lush greenery and most importantly Cars and Automobiles in general then look no further. Welcome to the land of automobiles of the 21st century, where you can feel and experience the past, present and future of German and European craftsmanship, artisan design, engineering and technology that adds history, flavor, appeal and luxury to the automobile world. This place offers a mind boggling unique and prestigious experience of a great legacy and heritage that awakens our soul to feel and experience the beauty and passion towards automobiles. It is mainly owned by Volkswagen group but you can see other manufacturers too like BMW, MG motors, Mercedes etc. Definitely worth a visit. Highly recommended. Note: There is an entry fee for the museum.

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    Stefan Fehse img 5

    Great exhibition of Volkswagen history and amazing historic car collection. Also the scenery and atmosphere is terrific. There is lots to do and explore for kids as well.